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Restaurant Tables , Table Bases , & Chairs

Tiikeri Turquoise with Matching Edge

Diamond Box Zebrawood Veneer with Matching Edge

Brookside Veneers

Oak Veneer With Matching Edge

Tabu Eucalyptus Veneer with Matching Edge

Wenge Veneer with Matching Veneer Edge

Cerused Oak Veneer with Matching Edge

Aromatic Ceder Veneer with Matching Edge

Wenge Veneer with Matching Veneer Edge and a Metal Inlay

Highly Figured Eucalyptus Veneer Self Edge

Bubinga Veneer in Reverse Box Pattern with Matching Edge

Custom 2-Tone Stain on Maple with Black Arches

Planked V-Grooved Cherry Veneer with Matching Edge

Wormy Maple Veneer with Matching Edge

Bubbinga Veneer in Sunburst Pattern with Matching Edge

Walnut Veneer with Matching Veneer Edge

Brookline Spalted Walnut with Matching Edge

Knotty Walnut Veneer with Matching Edge

Macassar Ebony Veneer with Matching Edge

Maple, Afrimosia and Wenge Veneers with Matching Edge

Blue Pine Veneer with Matching Edge

Oak Veneer with Off-Centered Sunburst Pattern and Matching Edge

Maple, Afrimosia and Wenge Veneers in Surfboard Shape

Brookline Beechwood Grey with Matching Edge

Walnut Veneer with Matching Veneer Edge

Quartered Mahogany Veneer with Matching Edge

Santos Rosewood Veneer with Matching Edge

Quartered Figured Maple Veneer with Matching Edge

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Movingue Veneer with Matching Edge

Fumed Oak with Matching Edge

A veneer is a thin layer of wood produced by slicing carefully selected logs. 

A tree may yield 30 to 50 times more wood surface when used to produce veneer than when producing lumber. With veneer you can achieve grain patterns and effects not possible with solid hardwood. 

The improved yields maximize the aesthetic properties of hardwood trees and place less demand forests. During their growth cycle trees produce oxygen while sequestering carbon. This carbon stays sequestered in the entire life cycle of the products made from veneer which can be decades. 

Over 98% of the tree is used in veneer production. Wastes is used for bio-energy generation, pallets, mulch, and more. 

Movingue Veneer in Sunburst Pattern with Matching Edge

Brookline Grey Oak with Matching Edge

Afromosia Veneer with Metal Inlay

Veneer Self-Edge Tables

Brookline Quartered Argento Grey with Matching Veneer Edge

Rustic White Oak Veneer with Matching Edge

Cherry Veneer with Matching Edge

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