Pionite Moroccan Fresco laminate with natural oak edge.

Wilsonart Laminate

Lab Designs "Terra Silkwood" Laminate with Stained Wood Edge

Wilsonart "Skyline" Laminate with Painted Maple Wood Edge

Butcher Block Laminate with Self Edge

Laminart Bronze Pearlescence Inlay with Stained Maple Wood Edge

Lab Designs "Mystique" Laminate with Wood Edge

Wilsonart Satin Stainless Laminate Inlay with Custom Stained Oak Wood Edge

Wilsonart White Cypress Laminate with Wilsonart Asian Night Laminage Edge

Custom Laminate with T-mold Edge

Wild Cherry Laminate with T-Mold Edge

Wilsonart Gilded Marquetry laminate with natural cherry edge.

White Vinyl Padded Top with White T-Mold Edge

(for tablecloths)


Wilsonart Cafelle Laminate with black T-Mold Edge

Laminate Tables / Vinyl Padded Tables

Pionite / Nevemar Laminate

Wilsonart Laminate Natural Rift Oak with T-Mold Edge

More Pictures Coming Soon!

Hum Tangerine Laminate with Cherry Stained Maple Edge

Lab Designs Laminate

Wheat Strand Laminate with Self Edge

Find Your Design.

White Vinyl Padded Top with White T-Mold Edge

(for tablecloths)

Formica Laminate

Wilsonart Cocobala Laminate Inlay with Custom Stained Maple Wood Edge

Wilsonart Laminate "Mangalore Mango" with Maple Wood Edge

Wilsonart Oxide laminate with natural maple edge

Restaurant Tables , Table Bases , & Chairs

Formica Bayou Grafix laminate with stained mahogany edge.

​​Choose from a variety of laminates, from custom designed laminate to standard grade laminates.

We offer padded table tops which are made with a marine grade white vinyl with white t-mold edges for those who want tablecloths.